On 20th of January 2014, the Honourable Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Mr Robert Sichinga and the Honourable German Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Dr Hans-Peter Friedrich signed a Joint Declaration of Intent on a Bilateral Cooperation Project in Zambia, during the International Green Week in Berlin, Germany

Both sides declared their intention to support a bilateral cooperation project on the establishment of a demonstration and training centre on the premises of GART (Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust) with the aim of promoting sustainable and modern agriculture in Zambia and enabling farmers and technicians to receive hands-on training in modern agricultural engineering, sustainable cultivation techniques and good farm management.

After the joint declaration was in place, a tender for the implementation of the project was published. A consortium consisting of AFC Consultants International, DEULA-Nienburg, DLG International and IAK Agrar Consulting won the tender to implement the training centre in Zambia.

AFC Consultants International is leading the consortium and sent three experts to Zambia in order to implement the project. The implementation of AKTC started officially on 1st of August 2014.

In August and September the Team Leader, the Crop Production Specialist and the Agricultural Machinery Specialist of AKTC went to a training course to the DEULA-Nienburg in Germany. Here they were introduced to the machinery, which will be delivered to AKTC by the private sector partners.

After the implementing team returned from the training in Germany to Zambia, the project machinery arrived in the project.

By end of 2014, 72ha of soya was planted, including a large-scale field trial with 11 varieties from different seed companies. Training activities started with the technical staff from GART and members of agricultural training institutions.

On 17th of April 2015 the Zambian – German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Centre was officially opened by the Honourable Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Mr Given Lubinda and the Honourable Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Mr Christian Schmidt from Germany.