Welcome to AKTC
Welcome to the Zambian german agricultural knowledge training centre AKTC located in Zambia’s Chibombo district at GART Chaloshi farm.

Field demonstrations

AKTC offers a whole range of agricultural related activities some of which are field demonstrations, trainings and field days.

under field crop demonstrations the combine is used to demonstrate to the farmers the harvesting process of crops such as wheat

To demonstrate proper crop management crop rotation is practiced under supply mentery and full irrigation more over to find out the result and performance of cultivating different crop varieties under given local conditions field crop trials are done


Field days

Further more AKTC conducts field days, every field day is an opportunity to show case their products and services to the farming community and is attendet by representatives from Germany and Zambia, during field days, different practical demonstrations are shown by AKTC and its partners to various attendees

On field days the importance of agriculture and related activities is empharsized for the project and the sector’s future progress field days offers AKTC his partners and farmers a platform for agricultural knowledge exchange and new ideas, all in all the agricultural knowledge training centre (AKTC) offers field demonstrations, trainings and field days for the enhancement and consulidation of zambia’s agriculture knowledge and future AKTC is thankfull to his cooperating partners for the support.

Mission and Vision

AKTC Plans to become a state of the art training centre
The Centre is looking forward to starting work with the brand new and state of the art machinery from Europe.
Together with the private sector partners and the expertise of the implementing consortium, AKTC plans to become a state of the art training centre..

  • Train Machine Operators

  • Train Farm Managers

  • Train Agricultural Institutions

  • Train Farm Owners

  • Provide Training Material

  • Contribute to Zambian Growth

  • Modernize Agriculture

  • Strengthen Zambia-Germany Relations

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The Zambian Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture and the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture partners the AKTC. Zambia has excellent conditions for agricultural production.
This is where the work of the AKTC starts. Hands on trainings on modern agricultural equipment and adopted crop production systems for grain and potatoes shall contribute to an increased yield. The trainings emphasize on the sustainable usages of natural resources and are open to all players in the industry, especially to farmers who produce for the markets.
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The Zambian – German Agricultural Knowledge & Training Centre, in short AKTC, is a bilateral cooperation project within the bilateral co-operation program of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

On policy level, the Zambian Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture and the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture partners the AKTC. The partners on implementation level are the Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust (GART) and the Zambian National Farmers Union (ZNFU).

Zambia has excellent conditions for agricultural production. Approximately 22 percent of Zambia’s land is suitable for agricultural production, but today less than one third of the suitable land is utilized. The agricultural sector in Zambia absorbs two third of the workforce and is the major source of income for the rural population. Although the agricultural production increased steadily during the past years, an increase of income and a reduction of poverty within the rural population could not be observed.

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On 20th of January 2014, the Honourable Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Mr Robert Sichinga and the Honourable German Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Dr Hans-Peter Friedrich signed a Joint Declaration of Intent on a Bilateral Cooperation Project in Zambia, during the International Green Week in Berlin, Germany Both sides declared their intention to support a bilateral cooperation project on the establishment of a demonstration and training centre on the premises of GART (Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust) with the aim of promoting sustainable and modern agriculture in Zambia and enabling farmers and technicians to receive hands-on training in modern agricultural engineering, sustainable cultivation techniques and good farm management.

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